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The Benefits of an Indian Head Massage

July 16, 2015 / No Comments
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Indian Head Massage (or ‘champissage’) is probably the best-known treatment in Ayurvedic medicine. As the name suggests, it is a massage that is focused on the head, neck, shoulders and face, using techniques and oils that originated in India.


While some people may balk at the idea of a stranger massaging their face, it is actually a much less intimate experience than most other types of massage.


For a start, you can keep your clothes on (although you probably shouldn’t wear your best shirt, just in case a rogue drop of oil leaves a stain). Plus, because the massage therapist is working in and around your scalp, you won’t feel the same pain that you get from a deep tissue massage.


But that doesn’t mean that Indian Head Massages aren’t effective. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that head massages can help to unblock negative energy and promote wellness by applying pressure to your Chakra points.


As with any massage, an Indian Head Massage will also relieve any tension you are carrying in your neck and shoulders, and aid muscle recovery. This is particularly good if you have yet to perfect your posture while working your core.


Fans claim that they can also prevent migraines, and relieve the symptoms of sinusitis, as well as simply leaving you feeling relaxed and happy. What’s not to love?



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