Sports & Spas: Best Spa Treatments for Runners

Best Spa Treatments for Runners

January 9, 2015 / No Comments
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Running can be euphoric, addictive and life-affirming. But it can also cause myriad injuries, from niggling joint pain, to long-term gait issues.


Running fanatics know the importance of taking care of their body and that it’s essential if you want to avoid the sort of aches and pains that can lead to serious damage.


Luckily, there are a few tried and tested spa treatments for runners that can be particularly effective. Here are our favourites:


Sports Massages

Much more effective than an aromatherapy massage, a sports massage will work through all the knots and tensions you didn’t even know you had.


Done regularly, they can help to prevent pulled muscles and strained tendons.




Hydrotherapy Sessions

All good spas have hydrotherapy pools and there’s usually no extra charge to use them, as they’re not classed as a specific treatment like a massage.


Use them as often as possible to aid muscle recovery between big runs and prevent spasms.




Ice Baths

The best kept secret in athletics, an ice bath is quick, easy, (relatively) painless and cheap as chips. The shocking cold of the ice speeds up muscle recovery (making them perfect for runners) and improves your circulation.


Immerse yourself for as long as you can manage – 30 seconds is the bare minimum but most athletes soak for between 5 and 10 minutes.




Foot Treatments

A foot treatment isn’t the same as a pedicure – there will be no nail polish produced here. Instead, it’s all about keeping your feet in good nick, treating blisters, massaging the delicate foot muscles and maintaining excellent hygiene so you don’t succumb to any of the all-too-common infections which tend to blight runners.





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