Jargon Buster – What is a Sports Massage?

What is a sports massage

October 16, 2014 / No Comments
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You know you’ve done a good workout when your muscles ache and burn the next morning. Gym pros probably already know this, but when you work out you are stretching and bruising your muscles, and that morning-after ache is a sign that they are struggling to recover.


If you hit the gym again before they have had a chance to do this, you could end up causing yourself an injury. Professional athletes get around this problem by having regular sports massages.


Got it, so what exactly is a sports massage?

Unlike regular massages, sports massages are functional, practical therapies – you won’t be dealing with hot stones or gentle pressure here. A good sports massage should get right into the middle of your muscles, relieving any tension and working out any knots in order to prevent future injuries or discomfort. In short – it should hurt.



And the benefits?

With regular sports massages you should be able to train harder and more safely than before, without that aching feeling. You will immediately feel more relaxed and more flexible, and you may even find that you are able to sleep better.



How often should I have a sports massage?

If you are working out regularly, you should treat your sports massage as an extension of your fitness regime and schedule one in every month – most health spas and fitness clubs should offer them, and once you’ve started you’ll wonder how you ever did without them.



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