Spa Etiquette: 7 Things You Should Never Do In a Spa

7 Things You Should Never Do in a Spa

December 16, 2014 / No Comments
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Spas are supposed to be the ultimate place to relax away from the stresses of day to day life. But for the first time visitor, a trip to the spa holds its own unique set of anxieties: Will I be expected to walk around naked? What happens if I doze off in the middle of a massage? Do I have to make small talk while I’m having a treatment?


First of all – calm down. Your spa experience is unique to you and it can be as chatty or as sleepy as you want it to be. Having said that, it’s probably not a good idea to strip off the moment you arrive –most spas have strict rules when it comes to nudity.


If you’re worried about making spa day faux pas, check up on your spa’s in-house etiquette before you arrive. But generally speaking, you should fit right in as long as you don’t do any of the following:


1. Don’t invade your fellow spa-mates’ personal space

Don’t be ‘that guy’ who sits right next to the stranger in the sauna when there’s plenty of free space. It’s just plain creepy.





2. Don’t start canoodling

Spas can be pretty romantic places – especially if you are there for a couple’s treatment. Just don’t get carried away in the heat of the moment – there’s nothing less relaxing for your fellow spa-mates than seeing a randy couple going at it in the Jacuzzi.





3. Don’t bring your mobile phone with you

A lot of spas will now take your phone at reception so that you aren’t tempted to check your emails or answer a text. You will be amazed at how much easier it is to relax when you aren’t constantly listening for the chirp of your Blackberry.





4. Don’t be late for your spa appointment

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your treatment starts as you may have to fill out a medical form or chat to your therapist beforehand. If you are late, you are disrupting your therapists’ schedule and inconveniencing anyone who has booked a treatment after you. You may also be forced to sit on the naughty step for the rest of your spa day.





5. Don’t forget to shower before entering the pool

When you are making use of shared spaces, it’s more important than usual to maintain good personal hygiene. Otherwise it’s just plain gross.





6. Don’t be in a rush to get away

Try not to plan anything immediately after your spa appointment – some treatments require you to have a little lie down afterwards but even if they don’t, take some ‘me’ time while you have the chance.





7. Don’t hog the equipment

You are not the only person paying to use the spa, so don’t act like it. Be respectful of your fellow guests and expect the same treatment in return.




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