Paradise Spas: Aqua Dome Langenfeld Spa

Aqua Dome Langenfeld Spa

December 12, 2014 / No Comments
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Recharge your batteries in healing thermal water, steam and ice


There aren’t many places where you can claim to have had a hot bath on a snowy mountain-top, but then Langenfeld is not like most places. Situated high up in the picturesque Tyrol region of Austria, it is a stunning Alpine village which just so happens to boast one of the top hydro spas in the world – the Aqua Dome Langenfeld Spa.


At the centre of the spa are two enormous pools filled with naturally warm sulphurous water. Swim, paddle, or simply float in the steamy pools while you gaze up at the sky through the stunning glass dome ceiling.


Just outside, there is the jaw-dropping sight of the three ‘levitating’ pools which look like enormous copper bowls floating over the mountains. Every Friday night, the pools are open until midnight so you can relax under the moonlight in the warmth of your own private hot bath.


Elsewhere in the Aqua Dome Langenfeld Spa, a network of saunas make use of the naturally salty and sulphuric steam at its hottest – the loft sauna can reach temperatures of up to 115°!


Aqua Dome Langenfeld Spa Sauna

Image: Flickr


If you need to cool down, head underground to the glacier caves or take an ice rain shower. Or simply pop out for a gentle hike along one of the many nature trails around the resort.


The Langenfeld spa waters have been used since the 16th century to cure all sorts of ailments and aid relaxation. The waters come from the natural hot springs which sit underneath the Tyrolean Mountains, and are piped directly into spa resorts such as the Aqua Dome.


In case these famous waters aren’t enough, the Aqua Dome Langenfeld Spa also offers a full range of modern spa treatments for men, women and couples, as well as an on-site hairdresser and a team of beauticians. There is even a dedicated waterpark area for children.


Aqua Dome Langenfeld

Images: Flickr


After you’ve trekked all the way through the mountains to get to the Aqua Dome, you may as well stay for a night or two. Every one of the hotel’s wood-panelled suites looks out over the snow-capped mountains, while the hotel’s restaurant offers fine dining using locally sourced produce, as well as a huge selection of Austrian wines.


There’s something magical sounding about sitting in a steaming pool surrounded by snow, while you look out over the glittering peaks of the Austrian Alps. You’ll just have to experience it to believe it.




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