Gorillas in the mist – a short history of men in spas

A short history of men in spas

September 21, 2014 / No Comments
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So you’re thinking of taking a trip to the spa, but you’re worried you might be the only bloke there? Of course, we’re used to thinking of spas and pampering as something exclusively for the ladies, but you’d be surprised how many guys you’ll see on a spa day too.


The truth is it’s only a recent idea that spas are for girls. Check out all the dudes kicking back at this 17th century spa in Germany. They even have a floating wine and cheese bar in the middle!

Men in spas back in the 17th Century

Aachen Kaiserbad 1682” by Jan Luyken or Cuyken




Speaking of old stuff. Here’s a vintage scene from Everybody Loves Raymond, where Ray goes to visit the spa with his father.





And here’s poor old Chandler Bing from Friends giving his father-in-law an accidental ‘lapdance’.




Sticking with inadvertent embarrassments, remember this scene from Austin Powers?



Of course, if you’re still worried that spas are girly, need we remind you that tough guy Paulie from the Sopranos paid one a visit is Season 1? Or Viggo Mortensen in Eastern Promises (NSFW!)



If none of the above convinces you, just take a look at this absolute hero piling up the stones in his home sauna. What a moustache, what a guy!

Man with Moustache in Spa

Image courtesy of Flickr



So now hopefully you’re convinced, go forth and reclaim the spa gentlemen!



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