5 of the Best: Weight Loss/Fitness Spas

5 of the best weight loss and fitness spas

December 22, 2014 / No Comments
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Everyone knows that the only way to keep festive guilt at bay is by promising yourself that you’ll work off that second (or third) portion of pudding in the New Year. All those Christmas calories suddenly seem perfectly justified when you swear to put in extra hours at the gym, starting on the first of January.


But let’s be honest – we all need a little extra help sometimes, and the New Year is a great excuse to start afresh with a brand new fitness and weight loss programme that will give you the kick start you need to have a healthier 2015. Until the next festive season rolls around, at least.


Here are five of the very best weight loss and fitness spas across the UK which will help you shift those mince pie pounds in record time.


Homefield Grange Retreat

Homefield Grange Retreat


Just an hour outside London, Homefield Grange Retreat has some of the most sophisticated weight loss equipment on the market.

Start your stay with a detoxing colonic hydrotherapy session and coffee (or herbal) enema, then settle into a routine of healthy eating, daily exercise and bespoke treatments which are designed to speed up weight loss.

Follow the spa’s own juice fast diet, or simply learn how to eat better at one of their healthy cooking classes.


+ Best for… Learning about your nutritional needs and kick starting a new healthy eating regime.

+ Cost: Available on request.

+ Signature treatment: Live Blood testing – using a sample of your blood, you will be given a full run down of your personal nutritional needs.




Grayshott Spa

Grayshott Spa


Known for its 7-day cleansing regime, Grayshott Spa is all about wellness and health. Guests are given a full Body Composition Analysis and a diet and fitness plan is tailor made for your specific needs.

During the 7-day cleanse, guests are invited to attend nutritional lectures where they can learn more about what they eat and drink, and apply this knowledge to their day to day lives.

If you want to break up you cleanse with some relaxation, there are a huge number of treatments to choose from, while the grounds feature a golf course, pool and tennis courts where you can relax while you keep fit.


+ Best for… Fitness buffs who want to take their health regime to the next level.

+ Cost: From £155 for an overnight stay.

+ Signature treatment: Castor Oil Compress – a healing treatment which aids circulation and muscle repair.







Situated along Devon’s Atlantic coast, Yeotown takes a very natural, rustic approach to fitness and health.

The five day Yeotox programme is focused on the great outdoors, and involves daily hiking, cycling and other outdoors activities, alongside core work, meditation and healthy eating.


+ Best for… Getting in touch with nature while you detox naturally.

+ Cost: £1870 for the all-inclusive five day Yeotox package.

+ Signature treatment: Coastal hiking – Yeotown makes the most of its location with a series of vigorous hikes around the local coastline.




Champney’s at Tring

Champneys at Tring


One of the UK’s original health spas, Champney’s at Tring is famous for its on-site medical centre which offers professional health screening, nutritional therapy and pain management services.

A doctor is always on standby in case of an emergency, so this is one of the safest environments in which to start a new weight loss regime.

As well as traditional medical aid, the spa offers homeopathic treatments and classic spa treatments such as massages, facials and cosmetic packages.


+ Best for…Anyone seeking to lose weight as the result of a health issue.

+ Cost: Prices start from £350 for a two night stay.

+ Signature treatment: Champney’s Luxury Boot Camp – available at three other Champney’s resorts as well as Tring, it combines rigorous exercise with a healthy diet and specialised treatments.







Ignore the cheesy name – Slimmeria is actually a pretty high-class place. Set in the luxurious surroundings of Hye House in East Sussex, it is popular with TV stars, celebrities and models.

The spa claims an average weight loss of 12lb per week (we were told that men in particular see the greatest results – often more than a stone in weight-loss in 7 days), through a combination of dieting, exercise and detoxing spa treatments.

Slimmeria specialises in natural fitness treatments such as yoga and hiking, so you can expect to spend a lot of time in the lush countryside around the resort.


+ Best for… People who want to see serious results in the shortest amount of time possible.

+ Cost: The 5-day Weight Loss Retreat starts from £795.

+ Signature treatment: The Gastric Band v Gastric Ban package, which promises to transform your body and mind in just four weeks non-surgically. A celebrity favourite that comes with a celebrity price tag – £4,000.




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