Take The Spa With You – Essentials To Pack

Spa Travel Essentials

June 23, 2015 / No Comments
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If you aren’t lucky enough to be taking a spa-themed holiday this year, you may be feeling a little worried about your skin. Air travel can wreak havoc on sensitive or dry skin, while sea air, salt water, chlorine and long hours in the sunshine can all have a huge effect your complexion.


But that doesn’t mean you should spend your hard-earned holidays shut away in a dark room, moisturising furiously while your family kick back at the beach. With a bit of clever packing, you can take the spa with you wherever you go.




  • A face cloth. This is a washbag staple for any spa fans. It can be used to remove makeup, even out fake tan, gently exfoliate your body and face, and when hot, it can be draped across your face before a facemask to open up your pores and help you relax.


  • Facial sun block. The higher the SPF the better. Invest in a face-specific product by your favourite skincare brand (Dermalogica have some great options for under 100ml) so that you can protect your skin without blocking your pores.


  • A face mask. Choose a hydrating option which will help quench your skin and restore elasticity in a matter of minutes.


  • Vaseline. This handbag favourite is a great stand-in for most spa products. Use it on eyebrows and eyelashes to improve definition; rub it into your nose, cheeks and chin to avoid wind damage; apply to the ends of your hair to keep flyaways and split ends at bay, and speed along the healing process by gently patting it into callouses, sunburn, cuts and stings.






  • Make-up. A holiday is the perfect time to experiment with a few no-makeup days. You are miles away from your colleagues and neighbours, and who are you trying to impress anyway? By all means bring some eyeliner and mascara for the evening, but during the day let your skin breathe by leaving it foundation-free.




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