Spa survival for Men – the essential items to take with you

Spa Survival Guide for Men

September 20, 2014 / No Comments
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What exactly does one take to the spa? Will they provide mud for the mudbath or do I have to take my own in a large bucket? All these questions and more are answered in our list of what to take (and what to leave at home) when you first visit a spa.



Pack your trunk(s)

We don’t care if you’re a Speedo dude or a board shorts bloke, we’re not here to judge – just make sure you remember to pack a pair of swimmers for your spa visit or you’ll have to watch on as all the other boys dive in the pool and you’re restricted to landlocked activities only. Whatever you wear, just promise not to dance like this guy.




We know, we know – you’re heading to a spa, not a grotty local pool, but that doesn’t mean you can stomp around barefoot with impunity. Most spas will provide free slippers, but take a pair of flip-slops too for poolside lounging about.




If you’re like us you can’t relax without some soothing tunes playing, so take your iPod along to the spa – just make sure there’s no Metallica on there before setting it on shuffle though! Oh, and remember to listen at a reasonable volume on your headphones.




Gym kit

For some, lugging huge lumps of tin around an air-conditioned basement has no place in a restful day, for others that sounds like their own personal nirvana. If you do want to hit the weights as part of your spa visit then don’t forget to pack some appropriate kit. You don’t want to be the guy by the free weights wearing nothing but a towelling robe. Trust us on that one.

Forgotten gym kit




It depends on how long you plan to spend at the spa, but a small bag of bathroom essentials is often a trusty companion. If you’re just dashing out on your lunch break for an hour’s intensive relaxation then you’ll most likely want to freshen up before you head back to work.




And now for three things to leave at home:



Your preconceptions…

BOOM. See what we did there? That is some deep thinking. Seriously though, spas are more than just girly pampering. You should go with an open mind on your first spa visit – you’ll get way more out of it.



A towel

Believe it or not, the spa you’re visiting will have these. And a robe. And slippers (yes, slippers).



Your mobile

Good lord, you’re supposed to be relaxing, man. Why would you bring along your Blackberry? Not only will the constant buzzing and whirring of your phone irritate the other guests, but it’ll also ruin your own experience of the day.



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