The Best Spa Treatments to Cure a Hangover

Best Spa Treatments to Cure a Hangover

December 31, 2014 / No Comments
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Two aspirins and an Irn Bru. A full English breakfast. Endless cups of tea. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of hangover cures out there. But sometimes things are so bad that you need to bring in the professionals. If you can make it to your nearest spa, there are a few unexpected treatments which may just ease you back to life after a heavy night out, so you’re ready to hit the town again tonight.


For… when you wake up with an ‘alcohol headache’

Everything hurts, and everything is so noisy. You need silence. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible at home – especially if you have kids.


Water has natural noise-cancelling properties, so seek out a spa which offers hydrotherapy. Head straight to the pool and immerse yourself underwater where everything takes on a dreamlike quality.


Alternate the warmth of the pool with a brisk ice shower (yes really, it works) and don’t forget to actually drink some water too. You will be feeling right as rain (pardon the pun) in no time.




For… those ‘I don’t have time to be hungover today’ days

This is for extreme cases only. A few UK-based spas (including REVIV Wellness in London, Newcastle and Chester) now offer intravenous drips which claim to zap hangovers in as little as 30 minutes by sending vitamin-packed hydration fluids straight into your veins.


They’re loved by celebrities, but they aren’t cheap and they definitely aren’t suitable for everyone, but they get the job done in record time.




For… when you can’t leave the house

We’ve all had those days when you are in such a bad way that you basically can’t move. While you’re waiting to feel better again, try a few of these tried and tested at-home remedies:


Hydrate – when you are hungover, you’re dehydrated. Fact. So if you want to feel better faster, you need to drink as much water as possible. Even better, drink coconut water which is packed full of potassium and will make you feel halfway normal again.


Chill – ice is a great healer, and an ice compress will immediately ease even the worst headache. If you can face it, take an ice bath – they have a detoxing and energising effect and may just shock the hangover right out of you.


Sleep - lean into the hangover and just sleep it off. Draw the blinds, turn off your phone and put earplugs in for total sensory deprivation.




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