Paradise Spas: Borneo Highlands Resort & Spa

Borneo Highlands Resort Spa

August 17, 2015 / No Comments
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An ancient jungle retreat which is a world away from everyday life…


The Borneo Highlands Resort & Spa looks like the sort of place Indiana Jones would dream up in between adventures. Between the rainforest noises (it’s amazing how melodic a chorus of monkeys, hummingbirds and tropical frogs can be), the cool mountain breeze, and the ancient healing remedies, it offers a world away from modern life.


In fact, the resort is situated on land which is still owned by the local Bidayuh tribe, and many of their rituals and philosophies have been incorporated into the running of the Jungle Spa at Borneo Highlands Resort.


Think exfoliating treatments using organic Sarawak coffee beans (the Dug Scrub); aloe vera foot reflexology (Tiang Bokap Reflexology); and the award-winning traditional Bidayuh Massage (Peso Perong Therapy), which lengthens and loosens the muscles using a homemade poultice of coconut oils, herbs, pepper and ginger.


Jungle Spa at Borneo Highlands Resort

*Image: The Jungle Spa


Borneo Highlands’ Jungle Spa offers a limited range of treatments because, to be honest, just being at the resort is a luxury in itself. This is the sort of place where the real spa is the lifestyle.


Situated on the border between Indonesia and Malaysia (just a couple of miles into Malaysia), the spa is surrounded by thick jungle on all sides, guaranteed to make you feel as though you are cocooned in a little oasis of tranquillity and calm.


Borneo Highlands Resort Surroundings

*Image: The stunning surroundings of Borneo Highlands Resort


There are numerous natural waterfalls hidden in the land around the resort, as well as warm-water rock pools surrounded by swooping palm trees – the perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee.


In keeping with its traditional ethos, the Borneo Highlands resort is almost entirely self-sufficient, and features a relaxing organic garden where most of the restaurant’s ingredients are harvested.


But it also allows you to indulge in more familiar activities such as golf on the perfectly manicured Hornbill Golf Course.


Borneo Highlands Resort Golf Course

*Image: The Golf Course at Borneo Highlands Resort


But once you arrive at the resort, you will be encouraged to simply relax, take in the scenery and immerse yourself in the Jungle Spa experience.


Spend your morning trekking through the pristine Borneo rainforest and searching for rare creatures such as the slow loris, orang-utans, and the elusive Sumatran Rhino. Then return to the most luxurious base camp in the world for a quick Merak Dayung Treatment (a Bidayuh-style facial which reduces skin irritation and promotes new cell growth), before settling down by a waterfall with a tropical cocktail in your hand: Indy would be proud.





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