Sports & Spas: The Sauna

Sports and Spas - The Sauna

November 28, 2014 / No Comments
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Swedish men are regularly voted the sexiest in Europe – so what have they got that British men haven’t? In a word – saunas. Swedish men have been reaping the benefits of a regular sauna for centuries, and no Scandinavian home is complete without a little wooden heat hut out the back.


The science behind the sauna is simple. It gets hot, so you sweat. Prolonged perspiration releases toxins from your body and helps to loosen tense muscles and improve your breathing – you’ll really notice difference if you have a cold or virus; five minutes in the sauna will have you breathing deeply and regularly again.


Saunas come in many shapes and sizes but they will generally be made of wood and heated either by either hot coals or an electric stove. Water is added to regulate the humidity so that you end up breathing in a dry, steamy air which gets to work on your insides and outsides.


Jump in the sauna after a workout to help your muscles to recover, or do a few gentle physio exercises while you’re in there to get maximum benefit in minimal time.


If you really want to do it properly, follow the example of the Swedes and roll around in the snow immediately after your sauna (or opt for an ice shower!)



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