VIP Spas: Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo

Thermes Marins Monte Carlo

November 17, 2015 / No Comments
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The glamorous future of spa treatments has already arrived in Monte Carlo


Monte Carlo is the playground of the rich and famous. Its tax free status means that its residents have an enviable disposable income, and when they aren’t splashing the cash on the Cercle d’Or, they’re investing in some of the most cutting edge spa treatments on the planet.


Think cryotherapy, concentrated oxygen, radio wave therapy, and pearl powder body peels.


At the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo, all of these treatments (or ‘experiences’ as the spa calls them) are renowned for being as effective as they are luxurious.


It’s no wonder that some of the world’s top athletes and supermodels flock here to take advantage of the latest youth-capturing or radiance boosting spa therapies.


The spa takes its name from the warm seawater hydrotherapy pool at its centre, which is just yards away from the sheltered waters of the Mediterranean. A banya (a Russian-style sauna), a sentorium, a hammam, a solarium and a Jacuzzi complete the thermal spa experience, while private bathing suites allow individuals or couples to relax in complete privacy.


Hot tub at Thermes Marins Monte Carlo


No expense is spared when it comes to the spa’s facilities, so you should arrive with a bulging wallet and an open mind. After enjoying a soak in your private bath, why not treat yourself to one of the spa’s signature ‘Five Star’ La Prairie treatments: The Swiss Bliss Treatment. It begins with a full body massage, before you are covered head to toe in a firming caviar treatment.


If that’s not quite decadent enough, you could follow it up with a Rare Platinum Treatment, which features – you guessed it – real platinum being applied to your face and body.


Monte Carlo’s resident Formula One drivers, pro golfers and tennis stars are more likely to take advantage of Thermes Marins’ more technical treatments, which includes the somewhat unusual cryotherapy.


For three minutes, you simply stand in a specially-designed chamber set at either -60°C or -110°C, while the extreme cold works quickly to heal muscle inflammation, reduce stress levels, and restore good sleep patterns.


Meanwhile, the Human Tecar Bodyreset uses radio waves to help elite athletes recover after a gruelling training session or race.


If you want to see results without the exercise, the spa has a massive range of lipo-therapies designed to reduce fat almost instantly – and RENEVE Cryomodelling uses the extreme temperatures of cryotherapy to literally freeze away fat.


So whether you aspire to be a world-class athlete, or world-class arm candy, Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo is the only place you need to visit.





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