Spa City Breaks: Marrakech

Spa Breaks in Marrakech

September 20, 2014 / No Comments
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For the original spa experience, only magical Marrakech will do.

There’s something magical about Marrakech – it’s just far enough away to be exotic, but close enough for a long weekend break.


The city is famous for its bustling souks, fragrant tagines and stunning Moorish architecture. But most of all, it is famous for its spas.


Moroccan treatments are all the rage in the UK at the moment, with hammams popping up all across the country, offering a range of traditional treatments using Moroccan clay (or ‘black soap’) and argan oil.


But there is no match for the real thing. Spa breaks in Marrakech are becoming more and more popular with savvy travellers who want a little bit more than the average spa experience.


Getting There

Since easyJet introduced their route from Gatwick a couple of years ago, prices have dropped considerably and you can now fly to Marrakech from as little as £32 each way. There is only one airport in Marrakech so don’t worry that you’ll end up flying to a desolate airport 30 miles out of town.



The Spas

Heritage Spa Marrakech and Les Bains de Marrakech are two of the top rated spas in the city, and both offer a full suite of luxurious treatments with a Moroccan twist – at a fraction of the cost.


Make the most of your Moroccan visit by starting each day with a relaxing trip to the hammam. Soak up the heat or book yourself in for a full body scrub that will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean.


Moroccan traditions dictate that men and women use separate hammams, although some hotel spas will make an exception for married couples. Les Bains de Marrakech was one of the first spas in the country to offer duo baths and double massage rooms so that couples could relax together in the most intimate surroundings.


Les Bains de Marrakech

Couples Treatment at Les Bains de Marrakech


Heritage Spa also offers treatments for two (the ‘Heritage Romance Exclusive Experience’ is particularly good value for money – make sure you set aside a full day to really make the most of it), but its real strength is in the smaller details.


Heritage Spa Marrakech

Heritage Spa Marrakech

It is truly a hidden gem, situated in a walled medina in the middle of the old city, and every visitor is encouraged to take control over the scents, oils and techniques used in their treatments.


Be sure to try the spa’s own cold-pressed argan oils while you are there – the health and beauty benefits are well documented and argan oil of this quality is hard to find outside of Morocco.


Of course, for an authentic Moroccan spa experience there’s always the smaller local hammams, but unless you speak the language you may struggle to find these.



Marrakech by rooftop

The best way to enjoy Marrakech at night is to head up to the rooftop bars and restaurants dotted around Jamaa el Fna, the main Square in Marrakech’s medina quarter.


Marrakech Medina at Night


The majority of restaurants offer set menus consisting of a starter and main – predominantly the classic, authentic tagine. Try and steer clear of washed salad (lettuce leaves) if you don’t want to run the risk of…well, the runs.


After enjoying the traditional Moroccan cuisine, it’s then time to kick back and enjoy a cocktail or two, whilst looking over the hustle and bustle in the Square below.


Spa breaks are about total relaxation, so book ahead, switch off and let yourself go in this unique city.



A taste of Marrakech closer to home

If a city spa break in Marrakech is out of reach, take a peek at Casa Spa and The Spa in Dolphin Square. Both are located in London and offer a small slice of magical Morocco.



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