Paradise Spas: Rancho La Puerta (Mexico)

Rancho La Puerta

April 22, 2016 / No Comments
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Relax on the ranch and replenish your mind, body and soul


It’s not easy to get away from the modern world – there always seems to be something to distract us from taking a moment to ourselves.


But what if you could retreat to a faraway ranch, where TVs are banned, phones are discouraged and your average day starts with a nature trail and ends with a four-hands massage?


Since it was founded in 1940, little has changed at Rancho La Puerta (Mexico). For more than 75 years, the ranch has been harnessing the natural power of the earth to offer wellness solutions to people from all over the world – and most of these treatments are so effective that they remain practically unchanged.


Rancho La Puerta Spa Facilities

*Image Courtesy of Rancho La Puerta


The spa’s famous herbal wraps have been there since the very beginning, long before modern spas realised their benefits.


Every spa treatment uses aromatic and medicinal herbs and other healing plants which are grown in the spa’s own organic gardens, and these same gardens provide most of the ingredients for the ranch’s own award-winning culinary school, La Cocina Que Canta.

Rancho La Puerta Meadow

*Image Courtesy of Rancho La Puerta


Situated just three miles south of the US border with Mexico, the ranch boasts a massive 3,000 acres of beautiful unspoilt meadows and mountains, and the ranch advises guests to stay for seven days in order to take full advantage of these extraordinary facilities.


Guests stay in their own private ‘casitas’ – rustic villas decorated with Mexican folk art, which are clustered together in a shady area of the ranch, forming a mini village of fellow spa-lovers.

Rancho La Puerta Villa Room

*Image Courtesy of Rancho La Puerta


In the evenings, indulge in some world-class entertainment – the ranch regularly invites classical musicians, performance artists and renowned academics to host concerts and talks.


Everything here is aimed at promoting health and happiness in body, soul and mind. Spa treatments are based around the classic theory of ‘cleanse, relax, restore, energise’.

Rancho La Puerta Spa Treatments

*Image Courtesy of Rancho La Puerta


For instance, your first day might begin with a Detox Massage or a Rosemary Loofah Salt Glow Treatment, then you will spend the next couple of days alternating between relaxing treatments such as the Mountain Sage Hot Stone Massage, the Ranch Herbal Wrap, and Deep–Moisture Facial.


On your last day, book an Energy Balance Treatment so you leave with a spring in your step and a new lease of life. Oh, and don’t forget the Xocolatl Skin Replenishment treatment is a reported must-have – a detoxing, cleansing and relaxing full body treatment made from raw cacao, cacao butter and sugar.

Rancho La Puerta Spa Pool

*Image Courtesy of Rancho La Puerta


When you’re covered in chocolate, breathing in the fragrant air and listening to the birds in the trees from the privacy of your own luxury casita, you’ll forget all about your modern life and all the stress that comes with it.



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