An Open Letter to Santa – It’s Time to Have a Spa Day

An open letter to santa

December 2, 2015 / No Comments
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Hey there big fella. You doing OK? Feeling alright? Cos, and don’t take this the wrong way, but you kinda look like crap. I know the rosy cheeks, white beard and jelly belly are sort of your MO, but from where I’m standing they’re the side effects of one overworked man who needs a break.


You work so hard making other people happy so you deserve to treat yourself from time to time. One day in the spa and we can have you looking younger, feeling healthier and bursting with all the energy you’re gonna need to make it through the festive season.


I know you’re more used to giving than receiving, so let me help you out with a few suggestions for your pre-Christmas spa day.


An aromatherapy massage

Let’s face it, you have one of the most stressful jobs in the world (and one of the toughest ever commutes). All those children asking for all those toys, and then there’s the reindeer, the elves and Mrs Clause to think about as well. So chill out with a relaxing aromatherapy massage and let your worries melt away, for a while at least.


A balancing facial

Friend to friend, we all know what’s giving you those rosy cheeks, don’t we Santa? Everyone loves a few mugs of mulled wine on a snowy evening, but too much drinking can lead to burst capillaries and outbreaks of rosacea. Don’t worry, a balancing facial treatment can correct the worst of the redness, and leave you looking fresh and healthy.


A body wrap

We’d all be rocking a an impressive belly if we were filling up on cookies and mince pies at work, and while you look great in your red suit, I’m sure there are times when that belt buckle feels just a wee bit tighter than it did last year. A body wrap can shrink inches off your frame almost immediately, so you’ll be able to slip into last year’s suit with ease.


An ice bath

Well, you’ve got to prepare yourself for those North Pole winters… Ice baths also have therapeutic benefits – they can help aid muscle recovery and reduce any stiffness or soreness in the muscles which may or may not have been caused by climbing up and down chimneys all night.


A beard grooming session

We wouldn’t dream of telling you to shave off your beard. But a bit of a trim wouldn’t go amiss from time to time… Facial hair is very ‘in’ at the moment, so there are hundreds of barbers, salons and spas across the UK offering deluxe beard grooming treatments. Tame flyaways with a shape and a trim, and soften those bristly hairs with a conditioning treatment. You’re worth it.


Until next year,



p.s. we’ve all been good this year



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