A Single’s Guide to Spa Days

A single's guide to spa days

January 30, 2015 / No Comments
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When did spas become so romantic? Over the last few years, the spa break has become the new mini break, and any resort worth its (Epsom) salt comes kitted out with a special ‘couples room’ and a whole array of treatments “for two”. For new lovers and old romantics, it must be great. But for singletons (or frazzled partners who need some alone time), it’s a bit much.


Ironically, a spa break is probably one of the most single-friendly experiences you can have. Where else would you be encouraged to spend a whole day thinking about yourself and having your every whim indulged?
A spa day is a thoroughly selfish treat – and that’s exactly why we love them. So ignore the loved up couples, walk on by the ‘his n hers’ treatment room, and do all the things you can only do when you’re on a solo spa day.

– Lie in

When you’re spending the night at a spa by yourself (the ultimate indulgence), you can do it your way. Enjoy the expensive sheets, order breakfast in bed, and get up at your leisure.
If you aren’t staying overnight, the same rules apply for the poolside loungers – find a comfortable position, make sure your champagne is within arm’s reach and let the day just sort of ‘happen’ around you.

– Try something different

If you’ve ever wanted to try microdermabrasion or a chemical peel, this is your chance. Most spas offer a few super-effective face and skin treatments alongside their usual facials and scrubs, but many of us are too scared to try them in case we’re teased for having a red face afterwards. Well, not if you’re there by yourself!
The redness and swelling from high powered cosmetic treatments usually dies down within a few hours, so you can spend that time in total peace and privacy until you are ready to face the world as your most ravishing self.

– Switch off

A spa day is meant to be stress free, but it can be hard to truly switch off when you’re sharing the experience with someone else. To take full advantage of your solo spa day, hand your mobile phone in at reception, leave your laptop at home and take on a temporary vow of silence. Your other senses will be heightened as a result, and you will leave feeling completely rested and renewed.

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